The Best App for Gay Marriage Counseling

Lasting is a relationship counseling app, designed to help couples who feel stuck move forward together. It combines decades of research by the world’s leading marriage therapists to bring you the most effective approaches for strengthening your bond, whether things are good, rough, or just okay.

Lasting was designed with LGBTQ+ couples in mind. Here’s why:

Reason #1: Lasting is rooted in attachment theory.

Attachment Theory hones in on the basic human need we all have for connection. When we have healthy attachment relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners, we’re able to make sense of the world around us. 

We combine this with the principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), created by Dr. Sue Johnson. At their core, both attachment theory and EFT work to repair the emotional connection between two people. They do not discriminate based on sexual orientation. It’s this inclusivity and proven effectiveness that drives Lasting’s content design and makes it the best relationship counseling app for gay couples. 

These approaches identify a couple’s unique patterns that lead to disconnection, including relationship history and past experiences, and seek to bring the individuals back to a place of intimacy. 

Dr. Johnson’s research shows that when both partners are emotionally accessible, engaged, and responsive, they’re more likely to enjoy long-term marital satisfaction. And Lasting works to bring all couples to this point, whether they’re starting from a place of health or distress.

Reason #2: Lasting directs each partner to understand the individual’s journey.

Because of its emphasis on the individual’s journey, and with the end goal of repairing the emotional bond, Lasting’s process works for couples of any gender identity or sexual orientation. 

We understand that the needs of gay marriages and all LGBTQ+ couples are unique and varied, and that’s why we believe in this approach. Lasting’s method does not place a mold of expectations on couples, nor does it apply to one type of relationship. Rather, we seek to find out more about where you’re needing support on your unique path, and then meet you there with relevant research and practical solutions. 

Reason #3: Lasting helps create deeper connection. 

Ultimately, our content uses attachment theory, EFT principles, and years of data to bring you and your partner to a place of deeper connection. The exercises are formulated to help you enhance your emotional communication and prioritize your relationship. Our core series like Communication, Sex, and Money are for anyone, anytime, and series on Technology, Long Distance, Chronic Illness, and Parenthood all address unique stages of life. 

Lasting is proud to serve LGBTQ+ couples, to help them feel encouraged and equipped to strengthen their connection, and to support them in their journey to love well.


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